2063 STANDING COMMITTEE ON SCOTTISH BILLS. Thursday, 23rd April, 1931.

[Mr. JAMES BROWN in the Chair.]


The CHAIRMAN: I am sorry, but the time is fully up. We allow 20 minutes, and it is now 21 minutes past Eleven. I understand the desire is that we should meet again on Tuesday, at Eleven o'clock.

Mr. MATHERS: Is it possible for us to express any opinion about those who have caused us to be here and who have not themselves come here to carry on the business?


The CHAIRMAN: I do not think there is anything impossible about it, but I do not see any use in it. We are not met.

Mr. ERNEST BROWN: But for the importance attached to the first Amendment on the Paper by the hon. Member for Gorbals (Mr. Buchanan) it would not have been necessary to meet to-day. Unless there is some reasonable excuse, it seems grossly unfair to his colleagues that he should make so much fuss about the point, and then find it not of interest enough to turn up, but compel the rest of us to meet here and waste a very valuable half hour.

The CHAIRMAN: I can only say I am sorry. I am very anxious to get the Bill through. We shall have to adjourn until Tuesday, or any other suitable day.

Mr. E. BROWN: I think the hon. Member and his friends ought to make a quorum next time.

Committee adjourned at Twenty - three Minutes after Eleven o'Clock until Tuesday, 28th April, at Eleven o'Clock.


Brown, Mr. James (Chairman)

Adamson, Mr. William

Atholl, Duchess of

Barr, Mr.

Brown, Mr. Ernest

Colville, Major

Law, Mr. Albert

Lord Advocate, The

Lovat-Fraser, Mr.

Marcus, Mr.

Mathers, Mr.

Murnin, Mr.

Sinkinson, Mr.

Smith, Mr. R. W.

Thomson, Sir Frederick

Welsh, Mr. James (Paisley)

Westwood, Mr.