THURSDAY, 3rd JUNE, 1926.


The Committee consisted of the following Members:

Turton, Sir Edmund (in the absence of Mr. Ellis Davies) (Chairman)

*Albery, Mr. (Gravesend)

*Baker, Mr. John (Wolverhampton, Bilston)

*Batey, Mr. (Spennymoor)

Beamish, Rear-Admiral (Lewes)

*Betterton, Mr. (Rushcliffe)

Bowater, Sir Vansittart (City of London)

Bullock, Captain (Lancaster, Waterloo)

*Chilcott, Sir Warden (Liverpool, Walton)

Cluse, Mr. (Islington, South)

Cockerill, Brigadier-General (Reigate)

Colfox, Major (Dorset, Western)

*Connolly, Mr. (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, East)

Courtauld, Major (Chichester)

Craig, Mr. Ernest (Crewe)

Davies, Sir Thomas (Cirencester and Tewkesbury)

Dean, Mr. (Holland-with-Boston)

Eden, Captain (Warwick and Leamington)

Forrest, Mr. (Batley and Morley)

Gibbins, Mr. (Liverpool, West Toxteth)

Hall, Vice-Admiral Sir Reginald (Eastbourne)

Hammersley, Mr. (Stockport)

Heneage, Lieut.-Colonel (Louth)

Hirst, Mr. George (Wentworth)

*Hudson, Mr. Robert (Whitehaven)

Jenkins, Mr. (Glamorgan, Neath)

Jephcott, Mr. (Yardley)

*Kenworthy, Lieut.-Commander (Hull, Central)

Luce, Major-General Sir Richard (Derby)

Meyer, Sir Frank (Great Yarmouth)

*Perkins, Colonel (Southampton)

*Pownall, Lieut.-Colonel Assheton (Lewisham, East)

Riley, Mr. (Dewsbury)

Sanderson, Sir Frank (Darwen)

*Shaw, Mr. Thomas (Preston)

Shepherd, Mr. (Darlington)

Slaney, Major Kenyon- (Tavistock)

*Stanley, Mr. Oliver (Westmoreland)

*Steel-Maitland, Sir Arthur D. (Birmingham, Erdington)

Stott, Lieut.-Colonel (Birkenhead, East)

Sugden, Sir Wilfrid (The Hartlepools)

*Tasker, Major (Islington, East)

Thomson, Mr. Trevelyan (Middlesbrough, West)

Tinker, Mr. (Leigh)

Watts-Morgan, Lieut.-Colonel (Rhondda, East)

*Wheler, Major Sir Granville (Faversham)

* Added in respect of the Unemployment Insurance Bill.—June 3, 1926.

Mr. O. C. WILLIAMS, Committee Clerks.

Mr. S. KINGDOM, Committee Clerks.

513 STANDING COMMITTEE B Thursday, 3rd June, 1926.

[Sir EDMUND TURTON (in the absence of Mr. ELLIS DAVIES) in the Chair.]

—(Extension of operation of s. 1 and s. 3 (2) of Unemployment Insurance (No. 2) Act, 1924, and s. 5 (1) of Unemployment Insurance Act, 1925, 14 and 15 Geo. 5, c. 30, 15 and 16 Geo. 5, c. 69.)

Motion made, and Question proposed, "That the Clause stand part of the Bill."

Mr. SHAW: I want to say a word or two about Clause 1, not so much because of its sins of commission, but its sins of omission. We were hoping that Clause 1, recognising the fact that we have had another year of serious unemployment, would be drafted on far more generous lines, and would give far more generous treatment to the unemployed. We find, however, that there is no intention, apparently, of moving in the direction that we would like the legislation of this 514 country; that, on the contrary, the restrictions which have been exercised under the powers of the Minister are likely to be exercised, and that he is asking for no powers to make statutory the claims of people whose claims are now under his particular determination and his particular decision. However, in spite of the fact, as we think, that the legislation, as far as unemployment insurance is concerned, is very imperfect, is in some things very unfair to the unemployed, and is most unsatisfactory generally, it is impossible for us to raise any objection to the carrying forward of these powers. I know that we have no power, as the Bill is drafted, to propose Amendments of a wide-sweeping character, and, in the circumstances, having raised our protest against the insufficiency of legislation, the very unsatisfactory way in which the Minister's powers are being exercised, and after having stated, as I am going to do, quite distinctly, that we are quite dissatisfied with the present position of the legislation and the adminstration as far as unemployment insurance is concerned, I am going to recommend my friends to let the matter go, without attempting any Amendment at all.

Question put, and agreed to.

Clause 2 (Short title and application) ordered to stand part of the Bill.

Bill, without Amendment, ordered to be reported to the House.

The Committee rose at Nine Minutes after Eleven o'Clock.


Turton, Sir Edmund (Chairman)

Albery, Mr.

Baker, Mr. John

Betterton, Mr.

Cockerill, Brigadier-General

Connolly, Mr.

Davies, Sir Thomas

Dean, Mr.

Gibbins, Mr.

Hammersley, Mr.

Heneage, Lieut.-Colonel

Hudson, Mr. Robert

Jephcott, Mr.

Luce, Major-General Sir Richard

Perkins, Colonel

Pownall, Lieut.-Col. Assheton

Riley, Mr.

Sanderson, Sir Frank

Shaw, Mr. Thomas

Slaney, Major Kenyon-

Steel-Maitland, Sir Arthur D.

Stott, Lieut.-Colonel

Tinker, Mr.