1006 STANDING COMMITTEE D Monday, July 7th, 1919

[Mr. T. P. O'CONNOR in the Chair.]


The CHAIRMAN: I understand that the Chief Secretary is engaged in some consultations and may not be present for some little time.

Lieutenant-Colonel MALONE (after an interval of half an hour): I beg to move: "That the Committee do now adjourn."

Lieut.-Commander WILLIAMS: I beg to second.

The CHAIRMAN: Some Hon. Members desire to leave London on Thursday to attend an anniversary in Ireland, and I suppose we had better go through as much business as we can before they go.

Mr. NEAL: It might be well to keep them here.

Major NEWMAN: What is the anniversary?

Mr. MacVEAGH: The twelfth of July, if you ever heard of it.

Mr. McGUFFIN: I suggest any date but that mentioned.

Lieut.-Colonel WILLOUGHBY: Would it not be better to leave the date and time of meeting to the Chairman, as the Govern- 1007 ment may not be in a position tomorraw to proceed.

Colonel PENRY WILLIAMS: What are we going to meet about. Are we merely to meet to record our acquiescence in the bargain which is now being made or are we to be free to discuss or alter it? It seems to me if Government has made a bargain we might just as well go home.

The CHAIRMAN: I do not think that is quite a correct statement of the case. This Committee has sovereign power with regard to its own proceedings. Any agreement or bargain is subject to discussion and to the decision of the Committee.

The CHIEF SECRETARY FOR IRELAND (Mr. Macpherson): Let me first of all apologise to the Committee for not being here in time, but I have been in the midst of rather important negotiations with regard to the finances of the housing scheme and I was hopeful that I should, by 4 o'clock, have finished those with the Treasury. Unfortunately I have not been able to finish them, and I would like, if the Committee would allow me, to move the adjournment of this Committee again until tomorraw morning. I feel sure if I get this proposal through and a satisfactory arrangement arrived at it would be the means of expeditiously finishing what would otherwise be a long discussion. I move the adjournment until tomorraw morning.

The CHAIRMAN: That has already been moved.

Question put, and agreed to.

Committee adjourned until tomorraw morning at 11.30.


O'Connor, Mr. T. P. (Chairman)

Beauchamp, Sir Edward

Bowerman, Mr.

Brassey, Major

Breese, Major

Burn, Mr.

Campion, Colonel

Clay, Lieutenant-Colonel Spender

Donald, Mr.

Guinness, Lieutenant-Colonel Walter

Harbison, Mr.

Kelly, Mr. Edward

Macpherson, Mr.

MacVeagh, Mr.

Malone, Lieutenant-Colonel

M'Guffin, Mr.

Murray, Dr. Donald

Murray, Major William

Neal, Mr.

Newman, Major

Nicholson, Mr. Reginald

O'Grady, Mr.

Pownall, Lieutenant-Colonel

Seager, Sir William

Whitla, Sir William

Williams, Colonel Penry

Williams, Lieutenant-Commander

Willoughby, Lieutenant-Colonel