195 Standing Committee C. Wednesday, 16th July, 1919.

[MR. TURTON in the Chair.]

The CHAIRMAN: We have waited twenty minutes, and as there is no quorum the Committee stands adjourned till next Wednesday.

Lieut.-Colonel MALONE: Before the Committee adjourns, may I ask would it be possible to represent to Mr. Speaker the difficulty we have continually experienced in getting a quorum for the Committee, and inquire whether it would be possible, by some means or other, to ensure the attendance of hon. Members? We come here afternoon after afternoon at four o'clock, 196 and cancel all other appointments between four and six o'clock. I think we should be in the position of knowing whether, when a meeting of the Committee is fixed, Members will be here in sufficient numbers, and that if our attendance is not required we should be spared the trouble of coming here.

Captain STANLEY WILSON: Would it not be advisable to take the rest of the Estimates on the Floor of the House, as we can never get a quorum up here?

The CHAIRMAN: The guillotine will do that. As to what the hon. and gallant Gentleman (Lieut.-Colonel Malone) says, the matter is one on which representations should be made to the Whips.

The Committee stood adjourned at twenty-one minutes after Four o'clock till Wednesday, July 23rd, at Four o'clock.


Turton, Mr. (Chairman)

Attorney-General for Ireland, Mr.

Barnes, Major

Betterton, Mr.

Coote, Mr. William

Galbraith, Mr.

Gretton, Colonel

Harmsworth, Mr. Cecil

M'Curdy, Mr.

Malone, Lieut.-Colonel

Wigan, Brigadier-General

Wilson, Captain Stanley