87 Standing Committee C. Thursday, 29th May, 1919.

[MR. MACMASTER in the Chair.]


Mr. BALDWIN (Joint Financial Secretary to the Treasury): There being no quorum present, I beg to suggest that the Committee do now adjourn. Before we separate, may I say for the information of the Committee that the Estimates in Class II. are mostly comparatively insignificant estimates, and I think, for the present certainly, we must cut out Nos. 4 (Home Office), 5 (Foreign Office), and 6 (Colonial Office), which are either being taken downstairs or probably will be wanted to be taken downstairs? The same remark also applies to Nos. 8 (Board of Trade), 11 (Board of Agriculture and Fisheries), and 17 (Local Government Board). With regard to the Votes for the Secretary for Scotland and the Chief Secretary for Ireland, these are either now being taken downstairs or will be shortly.

Viscount CURZON: What about 8A (Department of Overseas Trade)?

Mr. BALDWIN: That is one which I am in doubt about. I shall have to consult the 88 Chief Whip about it. It may be wanted downstairs.

Lt.-Colonel MALONE: With regard to 2A (War Cabinet), will that be taken up here?


Lt.-Colonel MALONE: On which days will the Votes be taken?

Mr. BALDWIN: I hope we shall go straight ahead with the Votes with the exception of those I have named. Vote 2A should come on almost immediately.

Captain ORMSBY-GORE: Will the Foreign Office Vote be taken up here? Cannot we discuss the question of the Foreign Office establishment up here? The discussion downstairs is usually a broad discussion of policy. I want to go into detail on the Estimate for running this Office. Can it be discussed in both places?

Mr. BALDWIN: No, I am afraid not.

The CHAIRMAN: The necessary quorum not being present, the Committee stands adjourned till Monday, at four o'clock.


Mr. Macmaster (Chairman)

Baldwin, Mr.

Boscawen, Sir A. G.

Bowles, Colonel

Bowyer, Captain

Cape, Mr.

Cayzer, Major

Curzon, Viscount

Davies, Mr. A. (Clitheroe)

Falle, Major Sir Bertram

Galbraith, Mr.

Gretton, Colonel

Lunn, Mr.

Malone, Lieutenant-Colonel

Newman, Major

Onions, Mr.

Ormsby-Gore, Captain

Rae, Mr.

Stephenson, Colonel

White, Lieut.-Col. Dalrymple

Wigan, Brigadier-General